Eiskönigen: 3 times already.

I’ve watched Eiskönigen 3 times since being here. Eiskönigen is the German name for Frozen. Literally translated in means “Ice Queen,” which is fitting. Again with the humanity thing: little girls are in love with this movie, no matter where they’re from. I’ve also watched Rapunzel (Tangled), all in German. I’ll learn fast this way!

My German is already improving, although I find myself contemplating infants often. I sit there not understanding anything, but picking up on common words, slowly piecing together a comprehension and trying to use words as I think I know them. Maybe there’s a system to grunts and gestures after all. #foodforthought

Today was a National German holiday, so almost everything was closed. This horse drawn cart was bringing beer kegs to the breweries (yes, plural) around town as a celebratory show of history. I’m told this is a common occurrence since Bavaria is “always celebrating something,” so I’m sure there will be better pictures some other dayimage-5

Since everything was closed, we took a walk down to the river at the foot of a mountain, and spent most of the day at a park nearby. After lunch we walked down to the square for a few beers. It was about 70 degrees and sunny outside, so a perfect day to be out. See? It’s a rough life.

My Job is so hard
My Job is so hard

I took this picture when I went for a walk on my own for the first time today to put the baby to sleep and to find a Church to attend tomorrow.

image-6 Bavaria is historically primarily Catholic, so there are many options for me (I’ve been told), the question is can I find them. Funny- you see, as I circled the nearest Church looking for mass times, I realized that I didn’t know what the German word is for “mass.” Oops. I just took pictures of every poster that had the word Sonnstag (Sunday) on it, and had my host mom translate for me. New vocab word I should probably learn. Sacraments are gonna be interesting for a bit until I learn the right words ha.

So much beauty, so much goodness. So much joy in the surface lives of the people around, but confusion and suffering exists in the deeper, more meaningful parts of their lives. I haven’t been here a week and I’ve witnessed this. Of course, that part of our soul where the meaningful thoughts happen, where beliefs and doubts, pain and true joy, passion and motivation are kept- that is what captivates me about the human person. My tagline for this blog is 365 days of Beauty and Hope, because in the midst of great visual beauty I wished to encounter, share, and spread, beauty and hope. It has already begun. I raise my german glass to you and your encounters with hope and beauty today! Cheers.



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