Sunday in Bavaria

As I sat in mass today, following along only when latin was used, I felt once more like a child: going along with what everyone else does and hoping one day I will be able to join in. Conversely; I love mass, but few times have I felt such a comforting joy being there. After all the new things this week, I was so relieved to be home. I almost busted out laughing at communion though: in America we all file out of our pews in turn, all organized and systematic. This morning as the priest came down the stairs the entire church literally stood up at once, flooding out and milling up towards the front. There is no communion rail, but people began standing along the front as if there was, and after receiving wove their way back through the oncoming people back to their seats. Organized chaos? Oh it was so funny… if we wanna get symbolic, it was beautiful in a way, as everyone was simply crowding up to meet the Lord. Communion was over in about 5 seconds. Trying to fit in is an activity that keeps me on my toes!


Almost the rest of the day we spent at the family hotel and restaurant, which is nestled in the hills of Austria- a 5 minute drive away. The cows in this first picture are owned by the restaurant. Mmmmmmm.

The beauty of this place was stunning. I could have taken more pictures but I was too distracted. This beauty speaks its own language so I really have nothing more to say:

Dinner Cows
Dinner Cows
Just a rainy day in Austria
The mountain beside my house
The mountain beside my house
I live up this road…

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