Rain :)

I heard a holy man once say that while we are encouraged to praise God through our suffering, we often forget to praise him in our joys. He suggested starting your day with the Divine praises. It is on such a day as this, when my heart is already singing, that such a song seems perhaps the only possible beginning to my soundtrack.

When I opened my curtains this morning, this was my view.


I love rain. A lot. This morning was perfect because N and the girls were gone all morning, so I took a walk up that path to the towards the top of the city.

image    image

This is where I live?! wow. That little red roof on the bottom right is the one that keeps getting caught in my morning mountain pictures. If this is what it looks like on a dreary day, I can only imagine what it’s like in the sun.


This is life inception: I took a step out of Minnesota, out of America, out of my little life there, took a step back and moved into a little town where I can see the world differently. But this just shows you can never run out of places to step away from. I reached higher ground and this sight was waiting for me:

image imageimage

I couldn’t fit it all in one shot!


Walking further towards Salzburg, I ran into another little village on the way. Fall is here! Rain and fall = perfection


Salzburg is about a 40 minute walk away. I didn’t feel like going all the way there yet so I turned back. The fog from the early morning was clearing over the mountains, but the rain still fell. You can see the trees on the mountains beginning to transform them into full fall color.  image


Obligatory artsy photo:


Once more, beauty speaks more than my words. One could ask why they would spend time with such beauty when there is pain and suffering to be dealt with other places. Or one could simply enjoy the gift of the moment, and allow themselves to be gifted with what is handed to them today. May your encounter with great beauty today not be missed! And may your dreams not be filled with screaming zombie children. Cheers.

being an adult means being able to light candles

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