My Vocabulary, and other things

I realize you have been subject to my rambling thoughts more often than you are able to read about my actual life here. Tut mir lied. One of the reasons is simply that I find it difficult to share too much of my daily life with the family without feeling like I’m creating my own little reality TV show about their lives. Since my German dialogue skills are restricted, I am often quiet in public: and I spend a lot of time walking around town since everything is in walking distance. We also like to be outside in the fresh air, so whether that means running errands, going to the park, or just going for a walk, I spend a good deal of time outside. It is for those two reasons you have been subject to the result of my having lots of time to think.

So here’s a bit about language: at the moment I would consider myself small-child fluent. I couldn’t tell you what I like to do with my life, where I went to school, or much about my hobbies, friends, or family. I can’t talk about politics or religion, economics or even food. It’s embarrassing just ordering a beer or ice cream. But I am awesome at playing princess memory or the Frozen board game. I know most of the Disney princesses, I know all my colors and most articles of clothing. I can say phrases such as “where are your shoes?” “Are you finished?” (good for meals and for tantrums), “Sit down,” “Stop please,” “where are you?” “where is your bottle?” “Mom will come back soon,” and “where did you put your school bag?” My vocabulary contains words such as dancing, shark, king, queen, princess, rainbow, ambulance, potato, apple juice, kindergarten, jumping, and blanket fort. So pretty much I’m set, I guess!



The girls are precious and the time we spend having fun usually makes up for the times they’re crying like- well, children.

imageimageNothing says “taken” like a girl with a stroller. Not that I’m concerned about that, though my host mom could be. Plus the town’s so small everybody probably already knows who I am anyways. But I’m taking the girls to school, grocery shopping with a baby, and can be seen anywhere from the post office to the bar telling one of the girls to be quiet, get off the table, stop screaming or stop choking the other. Hence sometimes on my walks I contemplate society and it is my current opinion that anyone who wants to be single for a time should merely find themselves a child to take care of for said period of time. I can’t imagine it’s much of a magnet for the dating lifestyle.

This past Sunday I found my way to another Church, which was fabulous. This is Saint Zeno, and it was a much larger, though no more populated, Church. Still within walking distance however, and I enjoyed the 20minute stroll to and from in the crisp fall air of October. Little did I know that the rest of my Sunday was to be full of Churches and walking…. but that is a story for a different post.

creepin on St. Joseph
Walking home
You can’t tell, but it was freezing inside.

image image image image imageimage


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