Snow and 1st Advent Markets

It snowed today! Our first snow! I’ve been seeing it predicted for a while now, so I told the four year-old that it was coming. Which of course meant that she came running into my room the next few mornings telling me to open my shades so we could see if the snow had come. Well today was the day, and… I wish I could capture that pure joy that came from her and save it for a dreary day.

image image

Sundays are usually super chill around here. I typically leave for Church right before or shortly after everyone wakes up, and get back during breakfast. Or else we go to the hotel for breakfast. The rest of the day is low key and wonderful. Today we went to an Advent Market in Salzburg.


These markets are intense. Music, trees, lights, food, glühwein (hot wine), kinderpunch (kid’s hot drink), food, pony rides, animals, craft shops like glass etching, woodcarving, and handmade items, carnival games, food, plays, food, and I’m sure I’m missing things. The atmosphere is so exciting though and it’s a really fun tradition I am excited to indulge in.


Hot Apple Wine


Hot Chestnut. 1st time.

image  image

The markets are just opening: the one in Bad Reichenhall where I live opens this Saturday in the same plaza where the farmers market has been. They’ve been setting up all week.

imageimage image

I’m excited to see this one open!

Anyways, it’s been a weekend of markets: today was Salzburg and it was cold but fun since it was the first snowfall and the whole family was together. Yesterday we walked up out of the valley we’re in to the fortress you may have seen in previous pictures. They opened the castle and have a market inside, which was super cool. This is the outdoor courtyard at night:



And this one of the rooms inside that has been converted to a restaurant. We sat in here surrounded by arched ceilings, stone doorways, and fur-covered chairs, and drank more wine. It was pretty good, I guess.

image image

So on that note, here’s a reminder that Advent is coming! While I heartily endorse the drinking of hot wine and the enjoyment of whatever snow all you back home in the white wonderland *cough* of minnesota are experiencing, I also hope you’re gearing up for a great season of hope. Cheers.


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