My Personal Trainer(s)

Lately I’ve been going to bed or waking up in the morning in pain. It’s the sore feeling you get from physical exercise – in this case, one I couldn’t name. After the first few weeks of being here I was tired from the amount of walking added to my routine, as nearly everything you need to get to is within walking distance. Once I settled in and became more familiar with my surroundings, I began running and added a different kind of pain to my mornings. Now that the girls have gotten used to me and have created a handful of games they love to play every day, I realize the overall soreness of my body is what I’ll call “kid muscles.”

There are 3 particular games we play every day, multiple times a day. The first is “mama and child”: self explanatory and role-reversable. I’ve recently re-named this game to “Queen and Slave,” because that’s inevitable what the game evolves into. The second is “Polezei” (Police) in which one person is the police and the other the bad guy. Also role-reversable. This game involves a chase in the 250sq.ft room and time spent in the ‘behind the curtain’ prison, which is frequently and gleefully broken out of. The last game is dancing. If you think this is not a game, well, it’s hard to explain. The game is played by 2 small children while the 3rd person works out. All three of these games can be and often are played simultaneously. Or in rotation.

I was thinking about this new routine that has been developing and how sharing it with you all would be appropriate since it encompasses a large majority of my daily job. However it is somewhat boring and also inexplicable to a point, and so I decided one day to just film our time together. The result was quite pleasing: I think it paints a pretty accurate picture of about 3 hours of my day, and perhaps explains why I wake up sore in the morning. As with all new exercises, however, I’m sure this pain will soon pass as I build and tone muscles in strange ways. Filming the day also captured the easily forgotten but never absent; sister competition, random throwing of objects, drinking bouts, danger and cuteness. Don’t worry, the clip is only 3 minutes. Just imagine it going for hours 😉


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