High on Life

One time someone tried explaining to me why smoking weed was good:

“It’s nice at the end of the day,” they said; “It calms you down, makes you more focused, and you usually end up reflecting on your day, or your life. It’s nice.”

“Hmm. Nice” I thought, “and if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought you had just described prayer.”

Sometimes the life you’re dealt is almost too much to handle. Then again sometimes life is amazing and you stand in awe of how good you have it. I often find myself stuck with both, which is perhaps the way life is, normally. However I find often people miss the focus and the thrill that life, normally, offers.

For instance, my job isn’t the most fun. Sometimes it’s very difficult, awkward, confusing, frustrating, and even depressing. Yet I’ll look out the window and watch the sun setting on the mountain and think “how can I regret seeing this every day?”


It’s a wonder and awe not created artificially but set in front of my face. I call these God-slaps. They don’t hurt, but they have the potential to make you feel like you just got hit with something strong. Some people call this feeling of joy “getting high.” True, there’s a way to get that craziness in your bloodstream if you know where to look. But I’m not talking about a dark alleyway.

A few short weeks after my big trip I was invited to the Austrian Alps for a weekend. I’ve been making friends here… slowly… ever so slowly. The girl that worked as a nanny for the family before I came lives in Munich now, a short 2 hour train ride away, and I’ve gotten to know her as she comes to visit once and a while. She invited me to the “Hut” or in English, the “Cottage” in the alps that her boyfriend and his friends jointly own. It ended up being just what I needed to take a break from work and also climb the mountains which I’ve been longing to do ever since I came.

We left on Friday afternoon and arrived late that night. The parking lot was a good 30 minute walk from the hut and the snow was halfway to my knees as we hiked along the mountain side to our destination. It was a great walk- there were no lights and the stars were everywhere. I couldn’t see exactly where we were, but the starlight was so bright that I could just make out the mountains around us as we walked. While I couldn’t wait for daylight to see everything, there is something mysteriously thrilling about being able to see in the dark. Or despite the dark. It was my favorite kind of night- the air was crisp and cold and there was complete silence everywhere.

There’s not much else to tell. I’ll leave you with a few photos I took, we spent 2.5 days eating and drinking and enjoying being away from the rest of civilization. Even though we stayed up all night to watch the sunrise over the mountains, I woke up early on Saturday morning and just sat in the sun, completely content with the view and absolutely blown away by my location. Never would I have predicted to be one day sitting Austrian Alps. Such moments are the kind that take your breath away and force you into a sort of silence born of wonderful shock.

It’s the feeling you get when you’re high.

High in the mountains,

High on life

Enjoy 🙂



View from the Loo 😀
Hiking Back


The Hut

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