If you live in central Europe, you learn about a weather pattern unique to this part of the globe. It is called ‘Föhn’: pronounced “fehrn.” It works best spoken in a proper voice and placed at the very front of the mouth. Like a british pronunciation of the word fern. Kind of.

I’m still trying to understand it completely. It is the phenomena where the warm air from the south is trapped under the clouds and as the clouds move towards the alps, the get stopped at the top of the mountains. Then as the wind continues to blow, it goes up the mountain range, hits the clouds, and pushes all the warm air down the other side where we are, and temperatures rise a good 10-15 degrees within the hour.

On Saturday night it was freezing and the sky began to rain which lasted almost all night. The next morning the grey skies slowly cleared and the temperature just kept rising, to the point where we had all the windows open and I sat outside with no coat watching the vibrant colors of the sunset spread across the sky.


By Monday afternoon we hit 16° C, which is about 61°F. The birds are going crazy and so is everyone else for that matter, because all of the sudden it feels like a summer morning in the middle of February.


Apparently it is very common for people to get headaches due to the föhn because of the quickly changing atmosphere and air pressure. Today the weather forecast is 45°, and by Thursday or Friday we’re supposed to be back down to mid 30°s, where temperatures have been hovering for a few weeks now. In general the winter has been quite warm here, which I’ve been told is unusual. However föhn is very normal, and while it’s very strange and very inconvenient if you hate headaches or want to go skiing or something, it’s certainly a welcome little blip in the February part of winter.

I can’t share the warmth with you, unfortunately, but here’s a picture of the sun 🙂


Hope you all are staying warm over back in the northern part of America. I hope you have a sunny day so you can crank up some happy tunes and wear sunglasses for a few minutes, and imagine the weather about 20 degrees warmer. Spring is coming… eventually!

Cheers from Reichenhall 🙂

Chillin like a boss

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