What? Wait. um.. What?

The title of this post refers to the reactions in my brain when I encounter almost any media in Germany.

I’ve been to the theatre three times since coming. I listen to music almost daily. I’ve watched almost every disney princess movie, the nightly news, and sometimes TV shows. And I’m often stuck with the question; “can I ask what’s going on jussst one more time? Or have I become annoying yet?” Actually I don’t even ask that very often. Normally I just sit there wishing everyone would just talk  s l o w e r,  but that also never happens.

The first few times I saw Frozen I was lost even though I knew the movie pretty well in English. Now I can follow a little better. Same with Tangled: my favorite Disney princess movie. Yes, I do know Let it Go and Do you Wanna Build a Snowman in Deutsch, and I can finally understand the translated songs in most other disney movies. (see end of this post).

I saw Inside Out and barely followed any of the words. Similar thing happened with The Peanuts movie. Sometimes trying to understand is simply too much work and you can’t enjoy the movie. So I just watched and almost forgot about the talking. Usually I get reminded that people can understand when the rest of the theatre is laughing. That’s when I say “what?” and try translating again.

My favorite movie was Heidi. First because I love this book: when I was little the story of a young girl growing up and running wild in the mountains was one of the best stories I’d ever read and to this day I know the tale of Heidi well. Whether this helped with my listening abilities I’ll never know, but I walked out of that theatre realizing that I had understood almost the entire movie and I was happy- both for my translating skills and because I was able to enjoy the movie as much as I had hoped to. (P.S. if you get a chance to watch this 2014 film that just made it into the German small-town theatre, it’s well worth the time of you and any little girl you know).


To end this post I figure it’s only appropriate to force- I mean- invite you to join in the whirlwind that is all your favorite songs suddenly gone foreign. This playlist is the number one type of music requested of me to play, and it gets a lot of use. Turn up your volume 🙂


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