Adventures in White


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Winter in Bad Reichenhall has been a stunningly wonderful experience.

Winter has mainly brought cold and days where walking to school requires a lot of layers before leaving! This general part of southern Germany here and all along the Austrian Alps is a major destination ski resort area. And many people being in Southern Germany at all ski regularly. It’s just as expensive here to have a ski pass as it is in the states, but the mountains are everywhere. We had a bit of trouble lining good weather with healthy kids and/or lack of föhn, but there were three weeks in February where the 4-year old got to skip Kindergarten and take a ski course every day instead.

She was a champ, learning to ski for the first time. 3 or 4 days of 2 or 3 hours on a hill in that tiny body and she was wiped out. Saturdays were not fun for the adults watching the exhausted one. I also got to ski for the first time in the Alps, but don’t get too excited. I haven’t skied in 3 years and I was horribly out of practice. After a painful 2 hours on the bunny hill and a tumble off the mini lift, I finally got the hang of it again and was ready for the big hill. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and it was a beautiful snow globe outside. Snow globe days are the ones where you stay inside and watch, not go outside and race down a mountain really fast. I rode the ski lift for about 20 minutes out of all the noise below, higher and higher through the treetops and into a deep silence. It was beautifully eerie with all the snow; I was high enough to be inside the cloud that was snowing, and the lift chairs going back down the mountain on my left kept appearing as if out of nowhere. What could have been a fairly decent run became mere survival mode as I both raced down the mountain and tried to see more than 10 feet in front of me. It was a rather painful experience as well and the combination of those 2 days left my poor body quite sore for the rest of the week, but it was absolutely worth it all! Plus the view was lovely. I didn’t take my camera with me up the big lift, and though I did regret not being able to capture some of those sights, I don’t regret keeping it safely in the hut as I crashed my way down the mountain 😀

Green on the mountain just across = not ideal ski conditions

Of course, winter requires a bit more time spent indoors, and so I’ve spent a lot of these past few months playing with the girls all sorts of things we can dream up to stay busy. One of their favorite questions is whether they can take pictures on my phone or not. They are very 21st century children. I always end up with a myriad of random photos, videos, and 3-second time-lapse photos of various parts of the house, bodies, and partially-focused selfies. They haven’t quite got the hang of it yet….

Then there was the time I found this screenshot. I’m not even sure what language that is, much less how it got there.


One of the first time it snowed here the weather was perfect snowman-building weather. So we all bundled up and went out in the yard to build… Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. (Did you expect anything different?)

Of course Olaf needed to have Elsa (left) and Ana (right) by his side too. #LifeOfAlittleGirl


Now, however, the weather is warming up a bit and we are all excited for spring to come. It comes first with the bright sun, so we bundle up in all our layers and break out the sunglasses like a boss. Sometimes we sit out on the balcony (bundled up in blankets, of course) and laugh at how we can’t move our arms. Today it snowed again, and it was beautiful on the flowers that have already started blooming. I’ll miss the snow, but Spring is coming!

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