The day I set my eye on fire

Today was a good day. We played outside, and ran errands: everything is walking distance which is awesome. I’ve always said I want to live somewhere out in the country or away from the city- and this is only confirming that. We walked to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the pharmacy, and ended with ice cream and drinks before coming home for dinner. It is hard to get around quickly since you inevitably run into people you know everywhere. However, I’m in Bavaria so I don’t care.

I promised myself I wouldn’t edit photos: but this one was begging to be artistically messed with. It’s the path leading up out of town -out to the fortress, I’m told- but I haven’t been able to walk up it yet. Soon.

image_1     image

I looked in the fridge today for food to feed a child, and was reminded just how ridiculous my life is right now. Basically I still have a long way to go to verstehen German.

Literally can't read any of these labels -_-
Literally can’t read any of these labels -_-


To set up this story: N asks me if I like spicy things- which when someone asks that in the states, you say yes, because nothing is actually spicy unless you live deep south. So I say yes. She has these peppers from a friend that she really likes (the friend and the peppers), so she gives me a few chopped up to put in my dinner. I reach to the board and delicately pick up a few pieces with my fingers and place them in my food, just to try it first. Yes will never be the answer to that question again. At the first bite I’m sitting there with my mouth open saying… things… and honestly more surprised that it’s actually hot than I am in pain. Although eventually I do start to tear up. And my mouth is burning. Whatever, it’s good, probably need to have, I don’t know, one slice with the rest of my dinner. We laugh and keep eating. I’m still tearing up a bit though, so I do that whole wipe-your-eyes-but-keep-them-open thing. You know, where you just run


your fingers under your eyelids? Yeah. At first I thought I’d somehow managed to shove all of my bottom eyelashes into my eye. Then I realized I had touched those peppers with my fingers. I’m sitting there thinking, sob, I just shoved pepper in my eye. It’s burning like hell (literally), and I can’t keep it open. I’m laughing because I’m an idiot, but crying because my face is like wt- did you just do. Long story short, dinner progressed as I stood over the kitchen sink holding water in my hands and shoving my eyes in. When I finally flushed it out enough to open my eyes and not be blinded by tears, I sat back down. I can hardly see out of my eye. I played a mental game forcing myself not to look in a mirror to make sure I wasn’t on fire, because the whole side of my face was more than hot or tingly. I swear this is what it’s like to be on fire. I have no idea what kind of peppers they were because Germany, but either way I hope you enjoyed this story of me being stupid 🙂



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